Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Top 10 Internet Marketing Trends for new year 2013

Here we listed predictions for what we consider marketers will be focus on in the New Year. While the implementation of all this might vary wildly, there is no doubt a few areas will capture our attention and be the driving forces behind business decisions over the next 12 months:

1. A surge in 'second screen' value: By second screen I'm referring to mobile. With more than 75 percent of the world having access to mobile devices, today’s marketer can’t ignore the value of offering second screen value for their brands and clients.

Top 10 Internet Marketing Trends for new year 2013

Last year we were tasked with making our websites mobile-friendly -- meaning responsive and easy to use on mobile devices -- but this year will be all about offering value in mobile app form. What value can your brand or client offer a mobile device user? It goes beyond ease of use and searching ability. This type of value will be in new information, new formats for consumption and entirely new resources.

2. The evolution of 'attribution modeling': Last year was one heck of a year for analytics. We saw the rise of analytics packages and solutions, breaking down channel silos and marketers taking a more holistic approach to what's called attribution tracking -- the process of assigning a specific value to a marketing action that results in a conversion.

Marketers have been over valuing the last click. We know now it’s more complicated than that.
This next year, we will see continued evolution in attribution modeling and creative approaches to tracking how channels affect each other. I anticipate the large analytics providers out there will continue to innovate on their current offerings as well as open them up to the rest of us.

3. The rise of gamification: Applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging has been growing steadily, but expect it to reach a tipping point in 2013. Big brands, new startups and every company in-between will be spending more money and resources on "gamifying" their products and services this year. The rise of easy-to-use platforms, such as BigDoor and PunchTab, and the inherent value of an engaged user, have made this a must-consider marketing strategy.

4. An increased focus on 'inbound marketing': With the growth of social marketing, marketers now must invest in adding a new kind of value. Enter "inbound marketing,” a type of marketing in which brands spend resources to create content, conversations and valuable resources that draw customers to their products or websites without paid marketing.

Your budgets this year should include more spend on amazing content, beautiful web design and inbound analytics. Expect to see new software, and upgrades to existing tools, to help you better manage your inbound marketing efforts and prioritize your next steps.

5. Improved data visualizations: I believe there will be a renewed focus on beautiful data visualizations in 2013, which is the way we visualize complex data sets in easy to understand formats that are worth sharing. Last year we saw big data catch fire, but this year we will need to make that data accessible to everyone.

Perhaps more importantly, the marketers you work with or employ will need to question the ways they’ve made their data cases in the past. How can they use new visualization software and techniques to evangelize a data-driven culture, and make your marketing mission a company-wide one?

6. More loyalty marketing: By now, we are all pretty aware that it is more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Add to that how consumers have never before been so connected and willing to share opinions of purchases and experience. Guess what you get? Marketers brainstorming creative ways to make customers feel appreciated and satisfied. What was once an afterthought should now find its way into the early stages of marketing roadmaps.

7. Brands as social influencers: Thanks to platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and Foursquare, we've seen brands build followings of unparalleled size, which has left them with legitimate influence over consumers. In 2013 we will see brands continue to grow their communities and the reach of their voice, opinions and products.

Marketers should be asking themselves, “Where are we participating?” and “What value are we offering?” It's ideal for a brand to build an audience of engaged participants around the great content it shares. If you're not sure where to start, go to the sites you know where people are already talking about your brand. Jump in and engage.

8. More analytics: As we see more marketing channels in play and an improved ability to understand how they all touch, I predict marketers will be seeking out new ways to prioritize their many opportunities. Unlike traditional web analytics -- the measurement of how your website is performing -- marketing analytics is the measurement and optimization of your marketing activities.

Businesses will turn their efforts to marketing analytics to steer their product roadmaps, hiring plans and market moves. Rather than invest in the channels that you’ve always invested in, this year the tools should become available to make better decisions.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

How To Effectively Market Your Apps

Once you have started your business, the next basic step is to tell people about your existence. Marketing is considered as the most important area as far as the survival and growth of business is concerned. Unless, and until you formulate some result oriented, unique, and competitive marketing strategies, you can never be on the way to success. This is because, in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing environment, success means customers. If you have acquired sufficient customers, or I should rather say, satisfied customers, it means you can now be termed as a successful business.

If you’re an application provider company, you can have numerous new options that are considered as some of the most powerful and influential marketing tools to market your applications. In contrast to traditional modes of marketing through print media or advertisements, internet, social media marketing management, mobile marketing, email marketing, on line advertisements etc, are some of the new and creative marketing channels that have significantly replaced all those traditional channels that were used to be time consuming, expensive and hard to get feedback. Now you can market your applications through:

Effectively Market Your Apps

* Mobile marketing: Since mobile technology has been on its way to becoming more advanced and compact, mobile applications are getting immensely popular all over the world. This can also be observed in the increasing number of mobile phone users. Market your brand and applications through mobile friendly applications, by designing and implementing a unique and impressive mobile marketing campaign. You can utilize either in house resources, or outsource this objective to mobile marketing agencies.

* Social media: By implementing a successful and appealing social media marketing strategy, make the most of social online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Corporation (NYSE:LNKD) etc in order to market your applications. Make a fan page and offer your customers updates about your applications. Here you can offer various discount schemes, quiz competitions, inform customers of new features etc.

* Web presence: Grab the maximum number of visitors and potential customers, by creating your sophisticated and eye catching website, which can help you stay connected with the world all the time. For enhanced marketing results, make it SEO friendly, by taking the services of a professional and affordable SEO Company, or an experienced freelance SEO writer.


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

SEO Services now liberate for slender Business Websites

SEO Services Now Free for Small Business Websites That Do Not Rank Higher in Google with Rank Pay

SEO services are one useful tool that a small business can use to help increase search engine success rates and click-through percentages. The search engine battles have increased over the past 5 years as hundreds of new business startups and entrepreneurs have launched competitive websites., a results based SEO company, has created a unique way for small business owners to reduce the cost of SEO services for a website. Companies receive an online evaluation of keywords for a target URL and are provided with the approximate cost to improve the current positioning in search engines. A company that does not rank in 44 days to a respectably higher position pays nothing for Rank Pay SEO services.

Seo Rank Pay

A new trend in website marketing and promotion is to build an online brand around a company, product or service. As more people use the Internet for e-commerce, branding is becoming an important part of conducting business online. Internet marketing has largely been built around creating multiple websites to promote products or services for one or more companies. A search engine optimization company that has experts that know all sides of Internet marketing and promotion can usually offer the best services.

“We know how difficult it can be to promote one website with all of the recent Google changes,” said Brian Hansen, SEO Specialist and Co-Founder of “We own hundreds of websites and know the struggles of getting them to rank in search engines,” added Hansen. A results based SEO strategy is one way that a company can reduce online marketing and e-commerce expenses.

As Internet search engines begin to put extra focus on high quality content, websites that are able to create and market a brand that is connected to this content could improve results. The emerging presence of online video and social media marketing is one reminder that a business competing in the 21st century must learn to adapt and try new things to remain competitive online. The process of search engine optimization continues to evolve and many new changes could be on the horizon. The risk-free SEO services strategy provided by is one solution that a website owner can try to manipulate existing search engine placement in an effort to get to the first page of Yahoo, Google or Bing.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Selecting a course that has good employment opportunities is imperative

As you make course choice this year, you will quickly realize that you should try a course that has good employment opportunities. For the people who have already passed out before you are facing intricate issues in getting the relevant employment. So it is imperative that you choose courses wisely, such that the employment opportunities for the particular you select are enormous.

CeMAP is one such course where the employment opportunities are plenty in number. It is a finance related course where you can find in a lot of vacancies in banks and several other agencies. Once you finish the course you will be placed as a Mortgage advisor earning hand full of money for this particular industry is booming. This qualification is thought out to be the most significant for those who would like to get into the business of mortgage industry.

CeMAP courses are designed in such a way that it guarantees flexibility along being economical. To embark on training you have to think as of which one will suit you best; for they are available in both the genres; full-time, part-time and home study as well. Registration can be done online which will be easier for the working professionals.

The CeMAP training covers three modules CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2, and CeMAP 3. Moreover they are covered with wide-ranging training activities that are offered to cater the needs of the student.

If you would like to get into the mortgage industry then certainly you got to develop your traits; to act upon the role of mortgage adviser CeMAP qualification is the a prerequisite. Therefore, any person who is keen to build up his/her career in mortgage advisory must make certain that they undergo the training of CeMAP qualification.

70% of marks should be attained in each unit of 3 modules; if at all you weren’t able to make it then you can go for the second attempt. The grading system will work in this way, 80% is graded as merit and 90% as distinction. Even thought the grading system is quite tough, it is imperative that you score well to meet higher standards.

This course provides a lot of employment opportunities to those who successfully get the certification under it. The certification is mandatory because the public advising corporate are looking for certified people who will deliver better results by guiding the people in the right way.
The CeMAP training can be very helpful to sustain an open mind on likely future employment. By after the right track and keeping a close eye on the possible vacancies you can get into the great concern where CeMAP employment opportunities can thrive. The one who undergoes this training can build a comprehensive picture of the career in this particular field. The possible outlook presented on the course will give great employment opportunities. It can offer the key for the greater earning power that is available as a mortgage advisor.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A guidance to pass CeMAP exam

Passing CeMAP exam is never an easy task. It is quite complicated and daunting as the syllabus for the exam is quite expansive and humongous. You will have to dedicate a lot of quality time and patience in order become a certified mortgage broker. In fact, you will have to prepare ahead of months from the examination day in order to cover each and every aspect, revise them considerably and give a fair shot at the examination. Clearing this CeMAP exam opens up an opportunity for you to practice as a professional at UK. You get a wonderful package and a secure livelihood which is exactly what most people expect.

However, passing such an exam is never an easy task. You can either choose to study on your own or attend any of these professional CeMAP courses provided by several training institutes. These institutes have qualified and trained teachers to help you understand the subject and work towards clearing the exam. They also provide all the materials you would ever need to pass the exam with flying colors. However, you can also choose to study on your own at your home. There are several websites online aiding for the same cause. You can find all the course materials, model exam papers and other solution for you to prepare on your own from your home itself.

From personal point of view, one would say that the former is always a wiser choice as these people are more dedicated towards helping you pass the exam and they are quite knowledgeable about how the whole system works. Do not take things too lightly when it comes to CeMAP. Today it has become quite mandatory for everyone to pass the certification in order to serve the mortgage industry. You’ll have to shed in a lot of hard work and smart work to become a professional CeMAP Mortgage Broker.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Boys and girls Halloween costumes for your kids

Halloween is the day for all where you can let loose and enjoy to the core. It is one such most awaited festival of the year. When it is round the corner many of you will get crafty and creative to make the day livelier. It is a very old festival, rendezvousing back to pagan traditions but one such most celebrated festival.
In Halloween all that matters is the costume where you can be a witch, an elf or anything you wish to become. Let loose and try being outrageous on this day to have fun!
Select a Halloween costume that looks scary and at the same time people should must say AHHHH!
It must be a breath-taking one. On the other hand the wearer’s comfort must also match up the level.
There are several Halloween costume stores right there in the market else you will also be able to find in online stores offering quality costumes along with some accessories.
Pick the scary Halloween costume that best fits you to have fun and enjoy staying comfortable.
The best part is that several stores contain even the special effects items that will create a gloomy atmosphere. For a successful event make sure that you select the best costumes along with the matching, scary accessories.
There are several stores that offers great discount during the Halloween time and if at all you happen to see the distinctive scariest costume then don’t think simply grab it else you may end up dismayed and empty-handed.
When it comes to Halloween all that should be concentrated is on the costumes, invitation cards, and Halloween food.
To further escalate the scare concept, dress up like demonic characters that seem to become bigger than life during Halloween.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Social Media & Small Business: Top 5 Things You Should Already Be Doing in 2012

Social media is “the new kid on the block” when it comes to marketing your business. Although social media has been around in some form for over 10 years, it is only during the past few years that businesses began to adapt to this new form of interacting with their customers on a personal, every day basis. This trend is here to stay, and I am here to make social media work for your business.

Social Media and Small Business
To a long-time small business owner, new Internet ventures can be scary. If you haven’t jumped on the Internet and social media marketing bandwagons yet, 2012 is the time to do it. Here are the top 5 things you can do to improve your marketing online.
Google has created a series of applications (apps) to not only help you with your day to day affairs with in your business, but also to understand your marketing and track your business online. You can use Google’s email ( for business use, as well as set up shared documents, spreadsheets, and calendars. Google does go beyond that, having relationships with HTML email companies (enabling you to send out a newsletter to an email list, for example); Google Analytics, allowing you to track not only how people are finding your website, but what portions of your website they are interested in; and Google Adwords, which gives priority ad placement on Google and their partners(when someone completes a search using one of your keywords.)

These apps are also just the tip of the iceberg, as they develop and release new applications frequently and their site has many more. You need to look at them and figure out what works for you. If anything, after you set up your website, set up Google Analytics. This will give you valuable information on your site and pages within it that will allow you to alter your information and grow your site, if need be.

Another Google app that I use is Google Alerts. I have them set up at work for my company’s name and nicknames. I get an email every day of new articles, websites, blogs, and mentions of my company. The good information comes with the bad information — being in marketing, I need to see it all. This is the same attitude you should have. Social media and online marketing have given businesses the opportunity to stand up for themselves and address adversity head on and usually, almost immediately. Good news and articles can then be shared with your “followers” on your website and Facebook fan page immediately. In turn, bad news or information can be responded to quickly. Fans and customers will want to see how you react to such information. They will hope that you can do so with dignity and respect.