Sunday, December 18, 2011

5 online marketing trends worth watching in 2012

online marketing
The New Year is just around the corner and for small business owners the often daunting task of developing a solid online marketing strategy for 2012 looms ahead, too. What should small business owners focus their marketing efforts on in 2012? What marketing strategies will yield high conversion rates and generate lucrative sales for small businesses in the New Year?

To find out, BizBytes turned to Roberta Backus, chairwoman of Backus Turner International, a South Florida-based branding firm and Guido Gaona, director of the technology practice at Burston Marsteller Latin America. Backus has been in business for over 32 years and her client roster includes companies like Lowe’s Home Improvement and Trump International. Gaona’s clients include Sony, HP and Intel.

Backus and Gaona have identified five trends that small business owners should consider when developing their marketing plans for 2012.

Online reputation management. “Your company’s online reputation is going to become more important than ever in 2012,” Backus said. “You’ve got to monitor and maintain your online reputation closely. You don’t want to lose a sale because of a negative post that appears about your company in a search result. It’s imperative that you take control of what’s being said about you online. You’ve got to spend time each day putting out positive content about what you do.”

TIP: Backus recommends spending at least one hour each day putting out positive content about your company. Once you’ve created quality content, get your friends and clients to share it on their social networks as well.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Top 10 Legal Issues for Marketers in the Coming Year

Marketing Issue
Self-Regulation at the Crossroads
Great strides were made in kids' advertising, food marketing and online behavioral tracking. The Children's Advertising Review Unit is self-regulation at its best. Marketers in the Food Initiative made practice changes legislatures couldn't pass without violating the First Amendment. About Ads is state-of-the-art in tracking data on the internet. But Congress and the FTC are impatient, and tensions could boil over in the coming year.

Celebrity Embarrassments
A surge in unseemly social-media behavior by celebrity endorsers indicates an affliction of bad judgment. It will get worse before it gets better, and brands will be embarrassed to the point of terminating contracts. Smart marketers will ensure that agreements allow them an escape from edgier celebs.
Clouds Ahead
The financial incentives make it inevitable that marketers will move their data and applications to the cloud. But with that transition comes the headache of security and privacy breaches. Once moved to a service in the cloud, control of data is reduced and risk increased. Will all the cost savings be lost to class-action lawyers?
Social Media Recalculated
The gold rush has been startling. Marketers have flocked to online services, including Facebook and LinkedIn, with no measurable ROI, at least not by any industry standards. But a study on digital measurement by the ANA, 4A's and IAB might finally lead to a currency everyone can agree on. Or it might not.
Watch for a classic Washington standoff as the Federal Trade Commission parries with the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over regulating financial-services marketing. Dodd-Frank created the CFPB to watch out for consumers and the financial biz. But Congress left the FTC with jurisdiction, too. They're supposed to work out an agreement on who regulates what. And no doubt they will do that. But then come appropriations. The honeymoon will end there.


Monday, December 05, 2011

Web Talent Marketing Named Sixth Best Link Building Agency for December 2011 by

link building
The independent authority on search vendors,, has released their list of the best link building companies in the online marketing industry for the month of December 2011. Included in the list is Web Talent Marketing, an online marketing company from Lancaster, PA, as the sixth best link building company as the result of a meticulous evaluation process.

This evaluation process has been used to identify and evaluate the best online marketing companies offering link building services which leads to the creation of a list of the best companies in the industry. Web Talent Marketing was included in the evaluation in order to showcase their dedication to excellence as a top service provider. They offer consultation and link cultivation services which are custom tailored to their customers based on their needs. uses a meticulous evaluation process involving the use of a set of evaluation criteria in order to generate their list of the best. The set of evaluation criteria for link building services includes Assessment, Identify, Analysis, Acquisition, and Reporting. The evaluation process also involves connecting with at least three customer references from each service provider and obtaining information on their business practices and ethical link building procedures.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Toyota Drives Car Closer to Its New Role of Online Marketing Channel

toyota online marketing
Toyota told us one was coming and now it is almost here: an automobile that not only connects to the Internet but embraces it. As more automobile makers move in this direction, this will become another channel available to digital marketers Called the Fun-Vii, the concept car debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show this week. Its sleek exterior mimics the look of a smartphone, with both the exterior and interior able to be adjusted to fit the driver’s mood, PC Magazine reports, via "skins" and other custom elements.

If that sounds like advertising possibilities that is because it is. PC Magazine reports that Toyota demoed the Fun-Vii with a side panel that displayed a greeting card. It is also a highly connected car, able to "link with surrounding vehicles and infrastructure.” The concept of the automobile as another data source for marketers has become a tantalizing one. This is a user group already primed for outreach, at least based on findings from a September 2011 report from Millennial Media and comScore.

Most notably, it reported that 63% of mobile auto campaigns lead to site search, about four times the 16% average rate. In addition, 58% of mobile auto campaigns lead to both dealer/store locator and viewing a map, compared to respective overall averages of 15% and 18% also sees value in the sector and its investment in this space is likely to prime the car as a communication channel as well. Earlier this year the CRM vendor announced plans to build Toyota Friend, a private social network for Toyota customers and their cars Toyota Friend will be powered by Salesforce Chatter,'s enterprise social messaging platform. The offering will first roll out in Japan in Toyota's electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles due in 2012. Toyota Friend will connect Toyota customers with their cars, their dealership, and with Toyota.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

5 Tips for Creating Effective B2B Newsletters

B2B Newsletters
B2B marketers can take advantage of the power of email to enhance their image and sell more product. Email is a top digital marketing tactic, second only to search marketing. It is a cost-effective way to nurture your customers and prospects by creating and maintaining a relationship over time and throughout the long B2B sales cycle A B2B email newsletter can serve different purposes, such as attracting leads, encouraging prospects to close a sale, connecting with customers to reinforce your business relationship, and establishing your company’s authority as a industry expert. You can make your newsletter more effective by creating a reader-centric newsletter with the following tips.
1. Create personal copy
Speak directly to your recipients by expressing a personality that matches your brand, product, or market niche. That means giving your newsletter a voice that might sound like a colleague offering business advice over a cup of java. All companies have a personality, and your newsletter copy should reflect that voice.

Remember, you are marketing to individual decision makers; always envision your recipients reading your copy, and write it as if you were talking directly to that person.

2. Ask recipients to take action
The heart of your email message is the call-to-action, be it a request for product information, whitepaper download or webinar signup. B2B newsletters typically focus on product or company information, industry news, or how-to’s and tips on industry opportunities or problem solving of interest to customers.

You can focus on turning a prospect into a solid lead, converting a lead into a customer, or to keeping existing customers active. Have a specific goal in mind for each message in your email campaign with a clear call-to-action in each message, whether it’s downloading a white paper, requesting a product demo or taking advantage of a special offer.

A good way to encourage engagement is to add a relevant one-question survey to your next newsletter. You might ask recipients to check or click the newsletter section they find most valuable. Then report back to your readers on the results and action taken if applicable.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Google chief urges retailers to fire up Christmas online marketing

christmas marketing
Retailers should have their online Christmas campaigns ready for December 4, when the window for international online retailers shipping to Australia starts to close and searches aimed a finding local retail starts to rise, Google retail chief Ross McDonald says.

In a bid to help retailers make the most of the Christmas season, Google has unveiled a report on consumer shopping habits, including the categories currently attracting the most online searches.

So far, the big winners include mass merchant retailers (with searches up 47% year over year), followed by food and drinks (up 31%) and toys (up 28%).

Google has also identified key dates retailers need to be aware of:

* December 4. Shopping windows for international online retailers traditionally close, while searches for domestic online retailers rise.
* December 11. Searches for store names, plus “trading hours” or “location” begin to rise. Last year, searches for trading hours grew nearly 250% in the two weeks before Christmas. This year, such searches are already up 37% year over year, with a third of these searches coming from a mobile device.
* December 16. Searches spike for “store name”, “hours” and “location” on the last day that local online retailers can guarantee delivery before December 25, and the last in-store retail weekend before Christmas.

Ross McDonald, head of retail for Google Australia, says businesses need to take a strategic and long-term approach to their online Christmas campaign, claiming timing is everything.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Internet Marketing, It’s Easier Than You Think

online marketing
Earnest Hemingway once wrote a complete, compelling story in just six words:
“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

A great museum’s curation is defined not only what’s inside, but what’s also left out.a solution should be as simple as possible, and no simpler 20% of the work gets 80% of the results the Problem With Marketers Marketing Themselves

I’ve been taking a close look at our industry these past few months. As I looked at Ontolo’s marketing tools, the marketing tools of our competitors, and the marketing content that’s pumped out on a daily basis, I began to notice something peculiar as you know, value is interpreted, in part, by the difficulty of the task. The more difficult the task, often, the more valuable it is to get the task done.

Online marketers are in an interesting position: The easier it is to market your business online, the less they get paid. Compared to other marketing practices, content costs (blogging, etc) are significantly lower to produce. The pervading mentality seems to be “Why not create inexpensive content that makes marketing look more difficult and, thereby, allow us to charge more for our work?” i don’t think this is a conscious deception, that’s not what I’m saying. But I am saying that the nature of the online marketing ecosystem promotes this kind of mentality.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Can a Marketing Contest Increase Sales for This Online Retailer

online marketing
More than 10 years ago, Don Chernoff introduced with the idea that a Web site could better explain his unique carry-on luggage and provide another sales channel for his products. Those sales, however, have been disappointing the idea for the SkyRoll line of products came out of Mr. Chernoff’s experiences as a frequent flier. One particular flight gave him the inspiration. “I’m watching this guy trying to fit this ungainly garment bag into the overhead bin, not a pretty sight,” Mr. Chernoff explains on his site.

Mr. Chernoff, who was trained as a materials engineer and computer chip maker for Intel, went home and created the prototype for the SkyRoll carry-on. “I bought a section of very large diameter PVC tubing, about the width of my suit jacket,” he continues. “I also bought some fabric and Velcro and enlisted a friend who was handy with a sewing machine to help make an outer cover. I wrapped the suit around the PVC and held it there with the cover. It worked. The suit came out wrinkle free. I had a concept but was a long way from a product you could actually use to travel.”soon after, he was in business. Fast forward 19 years and the SkyRoll products are available at certain retail outlets and online.

While Mr. Chernoff says he is happy with the look of his site, he is extremely disappointed in his sales in an effort to increase online sales, Mr. Chernoff had the site redesigned a year ago at a cost of about $2,000, but it hasn’t helped. He has also tried a variety of paid and unpaid marketing tactics to bolster traffic and sales, but he has gotten very little return on his time and money. He tried using Google AdWords, but spent only a few hundred dollars and found that it did little to help. The results for unpaid search were disappointing as well.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Busy Week for New Trading

If all goes according to plan, the U.S. IPO market could have its busiest week in more than a year nine initial public offerings are scheduled to trade beginning Wednesday, including consumer-review website Angie's List Inc. The last time IPO investors had such a full calendar was in December 2010.

Getting all nine out the door will require cooperation from the stock market, which took its biggest daily dive since mid-September on Wednesday as investors panicked in the face of Italy's surging bond yields. Two subsequent days of gains helped the Dow Jones Industrial Average end the week in positive territory it likely will also require some price flexibility, as evidenced by three recent IPOs that had very different pricing experiences: one sold above range, another within its range and a third that had to cut its valuation to get done.

The two most prominent deals ahead, from Angie's List and Delphi Automotive PLC., are scheduled to begin trading Thursday on the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange, respectively angie's List's $114 million capital-raising comes two weeks after another consumer Internet brand, Groupon Inc., had a successful debut, gaining nearly 31% on its first day. Like Groupon, Angie's List is a recognized web-based brand with a growing top line, but it is spending heavily on marketing to build its customer base, and isn't profitable.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black Friday Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies
Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping top prize at 12:00:01 the day after Thanksgiving retailers rely on this day to get back into the “black” by moving old record out at highly reduced prices, while price-savvy consumers look for great deals on great products much of the success for this day however, is already in place up to 12 months earlier. Retailers consider their digital strategies well in advance. Here are four segmented outlooks Digital black Friday Strategy

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization involves a number of operations, increasing organic page rankings savvy businesses begin optimization campaigns three-to-six months prior to Black Friday/Cyber Monday, securing great page rankings before the start of holiday shopping consumers are no strangers to Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, using search engines to locate sales on desired products. SEO professionals address client Web pages, making adjustments resulting in better search engine placement and exposure. Additionally, specialists may optimize pages for long-tail phrases related to Black Friday (ex: “[your product's name] 2011 Black Friday sales”) and the particular year, increasing the likelihood of buyer traffic. Take advantage of the buying season; align your company with a search engine optimization firm, ensuring your website is optimized for success and revenue production.

Paid Search

Pay-per-click marketing is a close relative of search engine optimization. Both seek the same results (more website traffic) but utilize different methods to get there. Search engine optimization is a slow-building, solidly founded process. Pay-per-click advertising produces equally satisfying results, but in real time. The process of numbered variables demands diligence, patience, and experience. Experts walk a fine line, leveraging live ads, keeping a close watch on costs per click and returns on investment. A poorly managed PPC campaign quickly spells disaster for the moneymaking hopeful. However, a campaign headed by experience strikes while the iron is hot, keeping close to the dollar, making the most opportunity of an increased population of holiday shoppers display Networks are in prime season with excellent CPC’s and above average conversions during this time as shoppers frantically seek out coupon codes and other deals within a larger site base. The audience net should be reflective of the consumers net, so cast a wide net in this space this season.

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Monday, November 07, 2011

Online Video Ad Response Varies Greatly By Age Group

online video Ad
There is plenty of talk of how the younger generation that has grown up in this hyper digital age. Those who are selling advertising talk about the sheer numbers. How many young people watch video online, how many hours of video they consume and on and on that’s fine but advertisers need to know if people respond to ads a new study shows that the younger the video watcher the less likely they are to be interested in ads.

The study done by Burst Media and reported by eMarketer shows just how people respond to online video ads by age group it is important to note that the audience for younger viewers of online video is a much larger percentage of the total number of people in that age group. eMarketer reports

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Seven Tips for Marketing a Business

As more people use the Internet in search of information, online video becomes increasingly important for reaching and connecting with followers, fans and customers. Video's rise in power as a marketing tool is due to its attractiveness to web surfers. By adding a smile and a friendly voice, you can build rapport with your customers faster and help them relate to your business on a more personal level.

Video connects customers on a deeper level because it covers and reaches out to different types of learning styles: the visual where people learn by reading or seeing demonstrations of a product or service and the auditory where people connect by listening to audio.

Videos also help sites show up higher on the search engines. Browsers and search engines are becoming savvier and are spending less time reading endless web pages of text. Instead, they are picking up on keywords tagged on videos appearing on sites.

As a growing business, it is important that you integrate video into your online marketing efforts. Even if you start with a basic video tip on how to best use your product or service, just get it recorded and post it to YouTube, your own website and/or blog. Although most people like humor and creativity, they also like messages that help them save time or money or makes their life easier, and that's what you can provide.

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Microsoft's clever 'family' marketing campaign is exceptional

Microsoft's "It's a great time to be a family" marketing campaign keeps getting better. This ranks as one of my favorite high-tech promotionals in a decade and accomplishes something Microsoft has never successfully done in a mass-marketing campaign -- clearly show the benefits of multiple products working together. I spotted two more videos late today.

Before Microsoft launched the "I'm a PC" campaign three years ago, I recommended firing then new ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky, after the Chairman Bill Gates and Comedian Jerry Seinfeld commercials aired. But I was wrong to make the recommendation. The agency has produced for Microsoft a string of creative hits, of which the family campaign is just the most recent.

As I explained about two weeks ago, the campaign sells the Microsoft lifestyle -- emphasizing relationships and technology enabling them. There's a real familiarity, because family is something most people can relate to. It's not like most of us are harvested in test tubes. The commercials are also clever, in the storytelling and how they present the benefits of multiple products. Keyword: Benefits. Not features, but benefits people gain from them.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

One Way to Automate Your Online Marketing Efforts

online marketing effort
If news breaks about your business or the industry that your business is in, you most likely want to react, and be seen reacting, to it as soon as possible. Companies try to stay on both sides of this web marketing race by being so-called "thought leaders" in their industries, producing complex, deeply-produced and ultimately pricey Web content that tracks industry and company news.

But this thought leadership strategy has a downside: Creating the content for even a modest blog is a full-time job, not to mention maintaining a Twitter feed and a Facebook page, while scanning the Web for news. But there is at least one tool that aims to streamline the way businesses produce and publish content to support their Web marketing efforts.

Curata is an online search curation and content posting tool that automatically gathers relevant articles and links from the Web and posts that content to a company's Website. It was launched last year, by Cambridge, Mass.-based marketing solutions firm HiveFire Inc.

Considering how critical having an engaging Web news presence can be for businesses, we tested a trial version of Curata. For about six weeks, we applied Curata's capabilities to a sports technology blog we created ourselves by hand. Here's what we found:

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Online marketing: Most businesses 'are aware of social media benefits'

Organisations of all sizes are beginning to recognise the benefits associated with the use of social media as part of effective online marketing campaigns, but many are failing to embrace it to the highest degree.

This is the opinion of Simon Curtis, senior vice-president of strategic sales and business development for, who suggested that many firms do not understand the extent of promotion online publicity can provide during the economic struggle.

"It is no good trying to be good at social media if your brand image and promotion in other channels does not match your social media image," he explained.

Mr Curtis claimed that social media's individual "culture" needs to be understood by users trying to connect with a particular audience in order to attract a higher rate of custom.

He also suggested that, due to the ever-increasing popularity of websites such as Facebook and Twitter, brands are becoming more clued up regarding the possibilities associated with using such pages to promote their products and offers.

"Most businesses are aware of the benefits of social media and have started to embrace it in their marketing and promotional activity. So today, you can see that many businesses are represented on Facebook and have Twitter feeds," Mr Curtis added.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Online advertising market: Heading for shakeout

Online Advertisement
The crowded advertising technology sector may be about to shake out some losers.

With north of 150 companies -- according to consultant and investment banker Luma Partners -- in the relatively new online advertising industry, there are simply too many competitors seeking too much of a return on capital.

Add in a drop-off in potential buyers and a declining appetite for public offerings, and the online advertising sector is due to stall, industry players and backers say.

"It's just not a big enough market for all the money invested," said Will Margiloff, chief executive officer of Ignition One, the digital marketing technology unit of Japanese ad agency Dentsu.

"That is a real challenge -- VCs and private equity guys are trying to figure out how to jump on the ad tech bandwagon and are really grasping. There can't be six or seven category leaders."

To Margiloff, the problem is that some of these companies frequently have more money invested in them than revenue potential, and often the revenue opportunity involves a more service-oriented action such as sales rather than a unique technological capability.

"The valuations that you see are more the heyday of the Right Media sale to Yahoo -- 10 times revenue," said Margiloff about Yahoo's $680 million purchase in 2007 of the remaining 80 percent stake in the company that it did not already own. "That is not reality ... Two to three times revenue is more realistic."

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yahoo7 launches new online ad formats

Yahoo7 has launched a new choice of online ad formats that tap into its messenger and mailbox services.

The new innovations, seen for the first time in the Australian market, will give advertisers the chance to insert ads within the messenger service which will project a five second ad over the top of messenger in a bid to prompt users to go to a larger panel ad.

Yahoo has also launched a mailbox takeover service which will run over the "email sent'' page pages within Yahoo's email service.

A small "email sent'' message will appear on the page, with the rest of the screen devoted to advertising.

Damon Scarr, commercial director at Yahoo7 said that the new formats were aimed at helping advertisers tap into consumer engagement with mail and messenger services.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting Social Traffic on the SERPs Without SEO

seo traffic
It’s coming up on a year since Matt Cutts announced that social signals are absolutely used as ranking factors for your content, but that’s not what I’m going to talk about here i’m going to talk about other ways that social can drive organic traffic to your site outside of links being retweeted or publicly shared by influencers.

If you perform a search on Google for SEO, you’ll see something similar to the image below (I stripped out the paid ads). Note the position of the various results, especially the third result with is for a completely different definition of SEO.

It looks a bit different. Suddenly there are people that I’m connected to with my Google account showing up under results they’ve indicated that they like, through some form of sharing.

The first two results are the same, but Aaron Wall’s site, which was sitting in fifth when I wasn’t logged in, is now third for me. In fourth I now see the home page. When I wasn’t logged in, there were articles from SEOmoz in 9th and 14th, but their home page wasn’t showing until 21st position, way down the SERPs. Thanks to Keri there’s a much higher chance that I would click on it with it being 17 places higher than it normally ranks.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi dead as Libya celebrates end of a tyrant

Gaddafi dead
1.46pm: With Gaddafi dead, what next for the Arab Spring uprising? Latrobe University international relations lecturer Luca Anceschi writes while the movement has been effective in bringing down unwanted regimes, it has failed to translate the basic claims of different uprisings into new political order. With the death of Gaddafi, the future of the 2011 Arab uprising is at a crossroad.

1.12pm: From his all-female bodyguards to his eccentric outfits to his golden gun, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was every bit the James Bond villain. Read how the boy born to Bedouins in 1942 rose to become one of the most feared, and powerful, figures in the Middle East.

12.55pm: Gaddafi, Qaddafi, Gadhafi, Qazzafi, Qadhdhafi, Qaththafi, Gadhdhafi, Khadafy? The ex-Libyan dictator has long been a Google search nightmare, due to the seemingly countless ways you can spell his name .

According to the Associated Press, it seems no one can pin down the spelling of his surname using the English alphabet. It's not just media organisations: Even official Libyan government documents vary widely in rendering his name in Latin letters.

Fairfax Media and Australian Associated Press use Gaddafi, while the Agence France-Presse style is Kadhafi and the US Associated Press goes with Gadhafi.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Over 2,000 People are Talking About Internet Marketing Company on the Facebook Platform

face book marketing
Internet Marketing Company announced today that over 2,00 people are talking about the company on the Facebook Platform. To be exact, 2,049 people have mentioned the marketing company on the social-networking site's page for the Internet Marketing Company. The company has created a page on the platform, and interested parties can visit the page, read about the company, and then can choose to click 'Like' on the Facebook Platform page to be able to follow the company's news, or mention the company in one of their posts. Users who have logged onto the page to check out what the company is all about, have seen that they provide SEO services,link building services along with reputation management and other services.

"We are delighted to see that word about our internet marketing company is spreading through Facebook because members are taking about us on the platform," said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of the Internet Marketing Company.

Facebook gives everyone the power to share with the people they care about, making the world more open and transparent. Facebook users communicate and share information through the social graph, the network of connections and relationships between people. Facebook gives companies and the developer community access to the social graph through Facebook Platform. Using a rich set of tools and online services, developers can build applications that are deeply integrated into the Facebook website. Millions of Facebook users return to the site each day, providing unparalleled distribution potential for applications and the opportunity to build a business that is highly relevant to people's lives.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video Marketing Services Offered by a Leading Internet Marketing Company

internet marketing
WL Marketing, a leading SEO and Internet marketing company, has just announced that they will now be offering video marketing services too. This is very good news for all those web businesses that want their videos to be out there on the Internet.

Online video marketing is in boom these days. In fact, experts opine that this is the fastest growing form of advertisement today, particularly on the Internet. Hundreds and thousands of people are today looking up YouTube, Google Videos, Yahoo Video, MetaCafe, Hulu, Daily Motion and others. According to statistics, video marketing grew at an astounding rate of more than eight hundred percent over the last three years. This is however just a start, as more and more people are visiting these video websites to see the latest submissions.

This offers a unique opportunity to web businesses. If you can distribute your online videos, you can make them find your website. All you have to do is just start your channel at these popular video websites. It is easy. You can inform people about your business and services or products. It is definitely a channel that can give your website a lot of web traffic. Video marketing not only brings web traffic from these video websites, but it also boosts their overall search engine ranks. Remarkable videos can help you convert prospects into customers. This is a growing industry that no serious business can ignore any more.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

When Business Intelligence Analyses Online Marketing

Internet marketing Analysis
To do so, they have developed the Online Marketing Intelligence Pack, tool with which users will be able to extract value from the data generated in Social Networks such as Facebook or Twitter, and analyze it together with the information provided by Google Analytics, turning it into relevant information.

The presentation of this new feature in the BI field will take place next October 19, and as usual in this technological company, the event will be held online, allowing people from all over the globe attend.

With this advance in the Enterprise software industry companies will have the full power of Business Intelligence serving their Online Marketing strategy, providing them information about the performance of their online marketing campaigns, motorization of the key indicators from Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics, representing these results in predefined and customized reports and dashboards.

But without any doubt, this new tool’s most remarkable feature is the possibility of integrating this data with other from any internal software to gain a whole new level of analysis, as examples:

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Friday, October 14, 2011

SEO Company offering Internet website marketing Services

website marketing
The simple fact about an SEO Company offering affiliate marketing services should end up being exciting enough to ignite a sense of intrigue in you.

The simple fact about an SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION Company offering affiliate marketing services should end up being exciting enough to ignite a sense of intrigue in you. The first factor one does immediately after running across a proposal in this way is checking out and about the features the company promises to provide. Online marketing services and online marketing services offered by an SEO Organization contain these schedule features:

1. Search Engine Popularity Management
2. Online Brand Managing
3. Organic Search Powerplant Optimization
4. Pay per Click Management
5. Link Building
6. Social Media Marketing
7. Website Evaluation
8. Banner Creation
9. Email Marketing

All these functions categorically ensure solutions are promoted well on-line and people get the hang of them.

There are a few more important facets associated with somekeyword and affiliate marketing services offered through the SEO Company, including manual directory submissions, article submissions, forum posting, social book noticing, Press Releases, one way along with reciprocal link creating etc. The features make online marketing a very interactive course of action, with more plus much more people getting to know about the services and products offered.

An SEO Firm like Unwired Offers never supports detrimental features like url farms and -spam-indexing'. The solutions are economical and according to the target audience the business enterprise aims to indulge, the solutions are generally packaged accordingly.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Internet Marketing Company Announces an Increase in the Search for Keyword "no medical exam term insurance"

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing Company , an experienced leader in search engine optimization and purchasing life insurance online, announced today an increase in the search for the keyword "no medical exam term insurance." The internet marketing company keeps track of searchable keywords related to the site, and this term has had a 15% increase in searches in the last two consecutive quarters. This has, in turn, showed an increase in clients who are looking to purchase term life insurance without medical exam. The company is involved in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and online marketing services. The search engine optimization specialists of Internet Marketing Company deliver measurable results and maximum return on investment (ROI).

"We are thrilled to see that customers are taking it upon themselves to research ways to purchase life insurance," said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of the Internet Marketing Company.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Direct Marketing Drives Sales

Direct Marketing
Marketing has the power to influence millions with a single message. But just as incorrect postage on a letter prevents a note from reaching its destination, the wrong channel can limit a campaign's spread and sales effectiveness.

One of the most effective channels today continues to be direct marketing. According to "The Power of Direct Marketing" report, direct marketing-driven sales are growing at a quicker pace than overall U.S. economic growth. The report, conducted biennially by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), explores direct marketing's economic impact on the U.S. economy, highlighting historic trends, current-year estimates, and one- and five-year projections for direct marketing (DM) expenditures, sales, ROI, and employment. The 2011 research reports that digital media is showing the greatest impact on our country's rebounding economy. Total spend on digital marketing has grown by $14.5 billion since 2006, much of which can be attributed to online media. Digital channels are expected to continue to increase their share of the marketing budget, from 19 percent in 2011 to 21 percent in 2012.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Five Tips for Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile readers will be frustrated if they touch through from an email to a website that hasn't been adapted for mobile browser access.

Even if the site functions properly and loads in a reasonable time, navigation will be difficult, and many visitors will not have the patience to complete a purchase or other desired action.

51% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from retailers with a mobile specific website, but despite this, 79% of the largest advertisers still do not have mobile sites. [Google Adweek Presentation]

Vendors who are not prepared with a mobile web strategy are quite literally leaving money on the table.

For more on building mobile-ready sites, read the Econsultancy Mobile Websites and Apps Best Practice Guide.


There are no rules for what to do - but keep the small screen form-factor of emails in mind at all times.

The arts blog Hyperallergic attempts to address this problem by formatting its rich-format newsletter as a single vertical column with discretely blocked niches. There's a big eye-catching logo leader, a photo, some text, and an ad.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Online Marketing Outstrips TV Advertising for the First Time

Tv Advertising
A recent report has seemingly confirmed what online marketing experts have been predicting for some time – the overtaking of TV advertising with internet advertising and marketing initiatives.

The report, published at the weekend by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Internet Advertising Bureau, showed that the total spend for online marketing leapt by 14 per cent in the first six months of 2011, coming to a grand total of £2.3 billion and pushing internet advertising’s share of the market up to 27 per cent.

Advertisers spent a whopping £45 million on viral videos, noting that 2.3 billion of these vids are watched every month – which is twice as much as was spent last year. As a whole, display advertising online increased its spend by 18.5 per cent year-on-year to a total of £510 million and a 23 per cent market share.

Financial institutions were the biggest spenders when it came to making the switch to online marketing, followed by supermarket chains Tesco and M&S, car giant Ford and BSkyB.

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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Single Throw Internet Marketing to Donate Dollars for Likes

Facebook Like
Single Throw is going pink for October. In support of Susan G. Komen For The Cure, Single Throw will be donating $1 for every individual who “likes” their Facebook fanpage and subscribes to their email list.

Single Throw will be tallying donations for the month of October. In addition to donating $1 for every Facebook Like and new subscriber, the Internet marketing consultants at Single Throw will be giving their Facebook page a pink layout.

In further support of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Single Throw is also sponsoring Ray Catena’s All in for a Cure. All proceeds of the event will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Catena’s Casino Night also celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Ray Catena Motor Car.

Larry Bailin, CEO of Single Throw and author of the best-selling marketing book, “Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From?”, says, “The Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization is one of the top sources of funds for the fight against breast cancer. I’m really excited to contribute to the fight and hope we can help make a difference. So everybody, get on Facebook and Like the Single Throw page.”

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Apple Cedes Surging India Smartphone Market to Nokia-RIM

Apple Marketing Tips
Apple Inc., the world's largest smartphone maker, is having trouble selling iPhones in India, a market with 602 million active subscribers.

Apple, which will introduce a new iPhone version tomorrow, ships fewer handsets to the world's second-largest mobile-phone market than it does to Norway. Nokia Oyj and Research In Motion Ltd. sell more devices in India, where smartphone shipments are forecast to grow almost 70 percent a year until 2015, helping mitigate their market-share losses in the U.S. and Europe.

Sales for the world's biggest company by market value are hindered because Indian wireless carriers, which started third- generation networks this year, have yet to offer nationwide services fast enough to take advantage of iPhone features, said Gus Papageorgiou, an analyst at Scotia Capital Inc. in Toronto.

“Networks in India are just not conducive for Apple -- 3G networks aren't quite where they are in Western Europe and North America,” he said. “RIM got the right product, the right timing, the right app.”

Apple shipped 62,043 iPhones to India in the quarter ending June 30, or fewer than to Norway, Belgium or Israel, according to estimates by Framingham, Massachusetts-based researcher IDC.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Single Throw Internet Marketing to Donate Dollars for Likes

internet marketing
Single Throw is going pink for October. In support of Susan G. Komen For The Cure, Single Throw will be donating $1 for every individual who “likes” their Facebook fanpage and subscribes to their email list.

Single Throw will be tallying donations for the month of October. In addition to donating $1 for every Facebook Like and new subscriber, the Internet marketing consultants at Single Throw will be giving their Facebook page a pink layout.

In further support of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Single Throw is also sponsoring Ray Catena’s All in for a Cure. All proceeds of the event will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Catena’s Casino Night also celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Ray Catena Motor Car.

Larry Bailin, CEO of Single Throw and author of the best-selling marketing book, “Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From?”, says, “The Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization is one of the top sources of funds for the fight against breast cancer. I’m really excited to contribute to the fight and hope we can help make a difference. So everybody, get on Facebook and Like the Single Throw page.”

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Is Your Brand Showing On Social Media?

Media Marketing
7 Tips to Enhance Your Brand on Social Media

To build your brand encompassing the shorthand marketing messages that create emotional bonds with consumers built into your social media marketing, break it into its component parts and consider how to apply each to your social media execution and content.

1. What's your brand promise? What's the one thing your brand always delivers to your customers? It has to be easy to describe so prospects, customers, and fans remember it. Blendtec's Will It Blend videos consistently show its industrial strength blenders by humorously testing them with a variety of well-known products including iPhones and iPads in a lab setting complete with hard hats, protective eyewear, and white lab coats.
2. How is your brand positioned? Jack Trout and Al Ries taught that positioning is what you do in the mind of your prospects and consumers who own your brand. American Express Open created a social media forum for business owners to help them build their dreams. By providing premium quality, useful content their customers need, American Express helps businesses while positioning its brand.
3. What's your brand's personality? To extend this to social media, think about which social media platforms you plan to engage on. How will you engage with prospects, customers, and the public? Remember, you must be consistent in your social media approach. Cable provider Comcast created ComcastCares on Twitter to interact directly with its customers and give its customers another conduit to reach it. This has helped Comcast's brand image.

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Strategic Web Marketing

Strategic Web Marketing
The name of the game is always changing in the world of web marketing, as new competitors enter the ecommerce market and search engine algorithms become more advanced, personalized and localized. There are many consultants who offer their professional services to improve an organization’s online presence, but web marketing involves more than banner ads and keyword copywriting, and without a strategy it is usually ineffective. This is where a full service online marketing company such as OMguru can help. The first step to profitable web marketing is to outline the goals and budget for the marketing plan. “At OMguru, we then work backwards to see what mix of services align best to achieve the desired goal in a given frame of time, with the allotted budget,” says Rasna Bedi, OMguru’s certified Internet marketing consultant.

Retailers Can Invest in Better eCommerce

Some of the services available to B2B or B2C companies selling products online include:

1) Help in developing a state of the art ecommerce website that is user friendly and has one page checkout, as well as an easy-to-use admin or back end for data import or export (also includes mobile ecommerce).

2) Automated email marketing (e.g., If someone buys an engagement ring, then two weeks later they automatically receive an email to buy a wedding band).

3) Search engine optimization (SEO) of the keywords that are specific to the nature of the business.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hickory Internet Marketing Firm Introduces New Website

internet marketing
Charlotte - X-Factor Web Marketing is pleased to announce their new, re-designed website, X-Factor provides Internet marketing services including search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click, public relations, website design, copywriting, and web maintenance services to clients from a variety of industries.

“We are huge proponents of keeping websites current, and that includes our own,” says Laurie Evans, X-Factor Web Marketing Account Manager. “Our new website, designed by our own award-winning graphic designers, features enhanced graphics, new services, special deals and even more user-friendly navigation. We also have an active blog that helps us keep an open communication line with clients.”

Evans continues, “We want to be accessible to clients and easy to find on the major search engines like Google and Bing, and our new website will definitely help us stay on target with that goal. We encourage any business that has not revamped their website in months or even years to contact us. We specialize in turning obsolete websites into a powerhouse marketing tool.”

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Online Marketing Without Advertising

Online Advertising
Let's face it, most people don't like online ads, are not interested in ads and do not click on ads.

Need some proof?

• According to the Pew Project for American Journalism annual report for 2010, the vast majority of Internet users, 79%, say they never or rarely had clicked on an online advertisement. They don't mind them. They simply ignore them.

• Click-through rates on Facebook ads only averaged 0.05% (5 clicks per 10,000 ads) in 2010.

• According to Comscore and Starcom research, 8% of internet users account for 85% of all clicks on display ads. So, when marketers use ads they miss most of their potential customers.

Do you know why? The reason is simple: Readers come for editorial content, not for the ads. I want you to try thinking of yourself. When you go online, do you go for advertisements or for editorial content? Do you click on ads or on editorial links?

Then why online marketers continue to use ads as the main way to reach their target audience, and why publishers continue to use ads as the main way to monetize their content? It's because online marketers and publishers copied the way offline newspapers monetize content - ads.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Social media a threat to business security

Social Media
The impact of increasing use of social media among professionals and companies was singled out as one of the biggest threats faced by businesses in 2011 at an IT security briefing in Sydney yesterday.

John Reeman founder and chief technical officer of firm VMinformer said that social media sites offered all the ingredients for a security crisis.

"The world is changing and we're all adopting social media very, very quickly so we see this as one of the top (security) threats in 2011 and moving forward," Mr Reeman said.

"There are three main reasons for this. The first is that they're hugely popular. The second is that they foster a culture of trust. If you couple them with a third, that they have inherently insecure code behind those web sites, then you've really got the elements of the perfect storm," Mr Reeman said.

The increasingly sophisticated methods that social networking sites use to monitor their members' activities both while their logged into sites like Facebook and after they leave were among concerns raised by security specialists at the meeting.
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tucson, Catalina Foothills, Arizona Online Marketing Expert Soo Kim Joins Local Guerrilla Marketing

Online Marketing Expert
Soo Kim joins Local Guerrilla Marketing in the fight to bring customers back to local businesses.

Tuscon, Arizona (PRWEB) September 26, 2011

There is good news for Arizona -

Local Guerrilla Marketing's Certified Consultants Soo Kim of Tuscon, Arizona are gearing up to assist local business owners in slashing their marketing costs while doubling their profits.

About Local Guerrilla Marketing:
Local Guerrilla Marketing is the most trusted brand name providing online marketing solutions for local businesses. Offering stellar, result-oriented online marketing products such as Local Search Profiles, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Email Marketing and Video SEO Campaigns, Local Guerrilla Marketing is a force to be reckoned with. The days of 'the big guys' dominating the market are numbered with help from Local Guerrilla Marketing.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Marketing class available for growers

Marketing Class
Selling loads of fresh fruit and vegetables isn’t just for wholesale farmers anymore. Small produce growers are marketing their goods, too, at farmers’ markets and beyond.

Whether they are veteran wholesalers or beginners who just fell off the turnip truck, they are the target audience for the Oklahoma Market Garden School, a series of marketing classes that will be taught in Muskogee for the next two months.

“This is really targeted to people who grow fresh fruits and vegetables and sell to direct markets off their farm,” said Lynn Brandenberger, an Oklahoma State University food crops extension and research specialist.

However, the classes are designed to appeal to a variety of growing enthusiasts.

They include Adele Healey of Tulsa, a self-described “beginner” who attended Thursday’s initial session, taught by Dr. Merritt Taylor, the director of OSU’s Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

“We’re considering gardening for our family’s needs and whether we can help other people in the process,” Healey said. “They said this class is both for beginners and those already established in business.”

The classes cover a range of topics, with a different instructor for each. The topics will include soil and fertilizer management, fruit and nut production, crop establishment and irrigation, vegetable crop production, pest management, season extension techniques, and food safety and marketing.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Facebook Analysis Shows 65 Million "Like" or Share Button Clicks to Top 1,000 Sites

BrightEdge, the world's first enterprise class SEO platform that helps brands rise above the increasing clutter of the Web, released a new SocialShare report today that shows the power and influence of the Facebook "Like" button for viral discovery and distribution. Since the launch of the "Like" and "Share" buttons, links to the front pages of the top 1,000 sites on the Web have been liked and shared on Facebook more than 65 million times.

The analysis also looked at these top 1,000 sites to learn which Facebook share buttons have gained the most ubiquity. BrightEdge for the first time was able to rank Facebook's many share buttons in a top 10 rank based on usage on the Web's largest and most trafficked sites.

"Changes to Facebook social plugins may be imminent and this analysis shows how significant these features have become on the Web today," said Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge. "Very few features have achieved the massive scale of adoption that Facebook 'Like 'and 'Share' buttons now see across the Internet. And the usage of these buttons is unprecedented in the history of the Web."

The BrightEdge SocialShare Engine also was able to learn for the first time ever that 25 percent of the top 1,000 web sites have adopted Facebook plugins. The "Like" Button is the most utilized share feature that Facebook offers. It lets users share pages from a site directly on their Facebook profile with a single click of a button.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Online Marketing Firm IdeaOverTen, LLC Expands Line of Services

Internet Marketing
IdeaOverTen, LLC has launched its new website with an expanded suite of services that includes everything from video SEO to social media marketing. IdeaOverTen’s new service offerings are designed to equip businesses with everything they need to develop and maintain a successful online presence.

Allentown, PA – September 19, 2011 – Leading search engine optimization and internet marketing firm IdeaOverTen, LLC just launched its new company website at and is now offering an expanded line of services to its clients. IdeaOverTen provides businesses with an optimal return on investment by taking a scientific approach to online marketing.

Unlike many online marketing firms, IdeaOverTen doesn’t jump from trend to trend or overreact to major industry changes. IdeaOverTen, whose owner comes from a scientific background, looks at things from an analytical point of view. The staff examines the underlying reasons why certain trends come about and then makes the necessary adjustments to their online marketing campaigns based on those findings.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Data-Driven Online Marketing Analytics Top Business Impact

online marketing
Analytics experts and data scientists say that big data from multi-structured data sources are having the greatest impact on business applications for digital marketing optimization, according to a webcast survey conducted by Teradata /quotes/zigman/480716/quotes/nls/tdc TDC -0.42% , the analytic data solutions company.

The survey of quantitative analysts and experts followed a live Teradata-Aster Data webcast with guest speaker IDC Vice President Dan Vesset: "Big Data Analytics Comes of Age: Unlock the Power of Multi-structured Data" which covered the market forces driving the need for next-generation analytic platforms. The program, available online, also covers best practices among leading organizations and example use cases on big data for digital marketing optimization, social network and relationship analysis, fraud prevention, and applications from machine-generated data.

"Businesses everywhere are feeling the impact of the big data revolution and specific types of multi-structured data are driving new business opportunities," said Randy Lea, vice president, Teradata's Aster Center of Innovation. "To get value from big data, 'quants' or data scientists are becoming analytic innovators who create tremendous business value within an organization, quickly exploring and uncovering game-changing insights from vast volumes of data, as opposed to merely accessing transactional data for operational reporting."

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Monday, September 19, 2011

The SEO Agency Delivers Cost Effective Internet Marketing

Internet marketing and search engine optimization have become buzzwords for businesses looking to increase their online profiles and customer base. Effective internet marketing requires expertise and success can be difficult to measure, leading to a slew of individuals and companies promoting SEO services that are expensive and often subpar. The SEO Agency, a professional, Arizona-based firm that has been specializing in Internet marketing for over a decade, is combatting this trend by offering their cutting edge and proven-effective packages for as little as $399 per month.

Internet marketing and search engine optimization have become buzzwords for businesses looking to increase their online profiles and customer base. Effective internet marketing requires expertise and success can be difficult to measure, leading to a slew of individuals and companies promoting SEO services that are expensive and often subpar. The SEO Agency, a professional, Arizona-based firm that has been specializing in Internet marketing for over a decade, is combatting this trend by offering their cutting edge and proven-effective packages for as little as $399 per month.

August 31, 2011 -- Recognition that Internet marketing campaigns are no longer an afterthought but a major source of customers for many businesses has led to a proliferation of startup companies offering search engine optimization services. The demand for effective SEO and Internet marketing campaigns has led many businesses to pay excessive fees for campaigns that fizzled because the marketing company they worked with lacked expertise, tools or any real experience in SEO. In many cases, customers end up wondering what they actually paid for, since there is little information provided about the way of measuring the campaign’s success.

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SEO Company India Brings You Innovative Ways for Internet Marketing

Online SEO bring you remarkable ways to market your business with proper planning and organization. We bring a professional team of dedicated Search engine optimizers that are sure to maximize your outsourcing benefits at most competitive prices and increase your marketing ROI.

Social media networks are the driving force of any business. More and more business owners are taking full advantage of the benefits of using social media to promote their business and engage with customers on the Internet. At, we understand that social media marketing is an important part of business growth and that is why we provide expert SMO services along with other equally important internet marketing tactics.

Some ways in which we can help you through social media marketing are:

Repair Your Reputation with Reputation Management

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Facebook technology enhances online marketing

Facebook online marketing
FACEBOOK has tackled several problems with the News Feed page -- the very first page that is usually seen by anyone who logs on to the social networking site.

The News Feed is an all-important part of Facebook because of the essential content it brings to the viewing public.

The good news is that engineers and executives of the popular social networking site have come up with new algorithms of News Feed -- for the purpose of providing users with relevant content -- which are collectively known as EdgeRank.

You may not be aware of the fact that News Feed only brings the subset of the news produced by your friends, but think of this: if the whole content is shown up then this will only overwhelm the viewers.

Developers and other outsourcing sites such as my company,, are always trying to make sure that their respective sites and applications are ultimately publishing stories that will make a certain cut and make viewers want for more.

This has led to the conceptualisation of what is known today as News Feed Optimisation and the success of this endeavour is powered by EdgeRank.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Businesses must have realistic SEO expectations

online SEO
According to some search engine optimization experts, many people using this form of online marketing set their sights too high and should settle for more attainable goals.

In an article for Search Engine Watch, Mark Jackson writes that simply having the No. 1 keyword ranking on Google searches isn't as important as people think. He says that even if a company gets the premium spot, it could change due to the search company adjusting its algorithm.

"Though everyone has one of those keywords that they salivate over, a solid, long-lasting presence in the search engines is one in which your presence is balanced across a number of keywords," Jackson wrote for the website. "A 'goal' should be increasing traffic and – at the end of the day – growing your business (more leads, more sales, and ROI)."

According to AOL's head of SEO, Simon Heseltine, it's important for firms to get to know how Google's algorithm works and adjust content to fit it more effectively. In an interview with Tech Journal South, Heseltine said even minor changes could have a major impact.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Social Media Marketing 101

Social Media Marketing
Social media is here to stay, and just like the former regime has realized it, so should you. Business Today brings you a few ideas to market yourself via your favorite social networks. By Nadine El Sayed

If there is one thing the past seven months has taught us, it is just how powerful social media can be. Businesses were quick to notice too — in less than a month, almost every company worth its salt launched a Twitter or Facebook page. The advent of social media has pushed companies to become more creative as well. Instead of a traditional ‘invite the press and hope for a review of your new products’ PR stunt, Nokia held a press conference solely for the movers and shakers of the blogging world to publicize its new Nokia E7 smartphone a few months ago.
If you’re already a big shot in the business world, new to entrepreneurship or just interested in selling the occasional pie here and there, it’s time to tap into the world of online marketing, and more specifically, social media marketing to get your message across. Here are a few marketing ideas to reach out to your customers online without losing your mind — or potential new clients.

Identify your target market
Social networks are open to everyone — everyone who can afford internet access, that is. Consequently, it is only good for reaching a certain target market. To start with, you need to identify who you want to connect with and then find out if those same people are online.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Less well known security firms stay competitive marketing online

Social Marketing Business
The web has opened up opportunities for security software brands to challenge the hegemony of Norton and McAfee, giving companies like AVG and Avast a way to gain consumer mind share, according to a new report from leading market research company, The NPD Group.

Unlike the two market leaders, the ability of smaller, less well-known companies to gain substantial market presence through PC distribution and via retail shelves is extremely limited and expensive, since this channel carries enormous setup and trade costs. Companies that can’t afford retail continue to be limited by their inability to access the vast majority of customers for security software.

“Norton and McAfee have done a great job leveraging their hard-won brand recognition into strong distribution relationships in the best places the customer can be acquired — at the store point of presence and at the point of PC purchase,” said Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis for NPD. “When it comes to selling on the Internet, however, smaller less well-known companies are managing to stay competitive.”

According to NPD’s “Security Software Topical Report,” the leading providers of security software, Norton and McAfee, have almost universal consumer recognition (86 percent each), and they use that recognition to deliver their products over a wide range of channel choices.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Internet Marketing Guru and Consultant Brian Horn Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress

Internet Marketing
Brian Horn, best selling author and internet marketing expert, along with a select group of leading marketing and business experts from around the world, have joined together to co-write the forthcoming book titled, The New Masters of Online Marketing. Nick Nanton, Esq. along with business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., recently signed a publishing deal with each of these authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under their CelebrityPress(TM) imprint.

Best-selling author, Brian Horn, is recognized by many as the "SEO Guru to the Stars" because of his role in helping many of the top celebrity entrepreneurs in the world with the search engine optimization and internet marketing. He consulted for Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer, Ryan Deiss, Ed O'Keefe, Lloyd Irving, Rory Fatt, and several other industry leaders.

Brian has consulted with these marketing titans in secrecy for nearly 5 years before exploding onto the scene in 2009. Brian has been profiled and featured on ABC, CBS, Forbes, Advertising Age and dozens of other media outlets. Inc Magazine recently named Brian as "The Be On Page 1 of Google Guru" and an "emerging business leader to watch".

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Search marketing results boosted by images and coupons

Search Engine Marketing
When investing in search marketing strategies for digital media it pays to offer images and coupons, according to new research.

A recent study by MarketingSherpa found that using tactics such as search engine optimisation, listing business phone numbers, images and coupons were all effective in increasing consumer conversion and site traffic numbers.

BrightLocal also suggested in a recent study that 37 per cent of US Google searchers looking for a local business would give a company more attention and consideration if its search results included business images or a brand logo.

Online coupons are becoming an especially popular direct marketing tool, as eMarketer recently estimated that nearly half of adult internet users in the US will redeem these web derived vouchers either online or offline this year.

Noah Elkin, principal analyst of the firm, claimed that by using online coupons, businesses can expand their web marketing, while enticing a greater consumer market.

"Even as the sputtering economy attempts its recovery, the popularity of couponing has continued, spurred in part by the burgeoning daily deals space," Mr Elkin argued.

He later went on to suggest that: "Mobile coupons will play a central role in broadening the appeal and acceptance of digital coupons among shoppers," as a growing number of web savvy consumers now use internet services on smartphones or tablet devices.

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